Posted:  15. 10. 2021.


I have some more indie minis to show, as I'm working towards having a collection of miscellaneous characters and monsters for the skirmish game Brutal Quest. Since I'm doing minimal converting (or none at all) on these, they are fairly quick to get done. 

First, a trio of drab undead characters from Rotten Factory.  They're from the Undead Warriors set, only slightly converted. I want to have more undead along those lines, so if you know of any models with similar vibes I'm open for recommendations!

A corpse wearing corpse paint. 

Hafud, the first mini from Banhus Miniatures (cast in resin and distributed by Mammoth Miniatures). The sculpt was inspired by an artwork from the Maastricht Book of Hours. This one got the most changes out of the bunch, and is the first time I attempted to use glitter on a miniature. I think there is plenty of space for experimentation with that material, and I'll continue to look for potential uses.

The Giant Toad from Mammoth Miniatures. Since I really enjoy painting animals and creatures using real life reference, I had a blast with this one. There was opportunity to render the toad skin texture using paint (the sculpt has much smoother skin), and another chance to utilise glitter - on the eyes. 

Another one from Mammoth Miniatures: Halfman, a half-dwarf mercenary. This was painted as is, and I even pretty much ripped off Nic's colour scheme. It just works well.

May Queen, released in 2016 by Oakbound Studio and sat in my pile of unpainted minis since. The sculpt was obviously based on the iconic Blanche illustration 'Amazonia Gothique'. The glorious floofy hair was my favourite part to paint.

I guess I should stat these up one of these days and play a game of Brutal Quest!

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That frog is fantastic!

By Marc on 2021 10 16


Is the glitter of the nail polish glitter type? (I’ve been experimenting a bit with metallic nail polish for quick & easy magical fire effects, so far with mixed results, but haven’t tried any glitter)

By Ghasthouse on 2021 10 16

Hafud is a great sculpt! Looking forward to seeing more from Banhus Miniatures.

By Skerples on 2021 10 17

@Marc - Thank you!

@Ghasthouse - It’s glitter powder. I use watered-down PVA to attach it to the mini, and it sticks perfectly well. I can apply glazes and washes over it.

@Skerples - They say they’re working on expanding their range.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 10 19

Where do you find all these cool miniatures to base your conversions off? Generally when I’m searching for new stuff the search results get clogged up by the big names (GW, Perry, etc) and then etsy and ebay stuff.

By Dave on 2021 10 21

I often find them through the online communities I’m part of:  Mordheim, AoS28, Inq28 and all other 28s, Oldhammer. They exchange news and ideas through Facebook groups, Instagram hashtags, blogs, and discord servers. I also have multiple online friends who are miniature sculptors, so I keep up with what they’re releasing. If you’re a fan of the forum platform, I suggest the Lead Adventure Forum -it welcomes all sorts of projects from various historicals to pulp, fantasy and SF.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 10 22

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