Posted:  01. 11. 2020.



The Adepta Sororitas Army Set that came out about a year ago is truly spectacular. I never purchased it myself, but now I had a chance to paint it as a commission. Loved every minute of it! I'm seriously considering starting a Sororitas kill team of my own (or even an army some day, if I get crazy enough). 



There are three models (Repentia, Flagellant and Battle Sister) mixed in there that were painted by the client himself. They are marked in the photos with a +. He is an avid hobbyist himself and has a website you can check out here: LINK

Along with the small army, I got to paint a bunch of imperial terrain, including the Adepta Sororitas Battle Sanctum. 



While I had all the scenery on hand, I took some shots of my Inquisitorial retinue on it. Inquisitor Morbray, strutting around the ruins with her posse:


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