Posted:  06. 05. 2021.


The Disgraced Knights are figures for my fantasy skirmish games, representing heavily armoured warriors with a chequered or outright dark past. These men and women with bad reputations can be found in armies of heathen warlords, border castellans, and rogue kings. I've been gradually building this group of miniatures  for months, and now they are finally all completed. They'll find themselves at home in the army od Soraan the Vainglorious occupying Amfast, as adversaries in my games of Rangers of Shadow Deep, and as characters in many Fabula scenarios. 

The knights assemble.

The variety in equipment visually represents the idea these are people of different backgrounds and from different places.

Disgraced Knights clashing with a group of Templars. 


The models were built using an assortment of 28mm kits from Perry Miniatures, Citadel's Middle Earth range, Last Sword Miniatures, V&V Miniatures, and Victrix. Mixing and matching bits like this is beyond fun. Below are some of the conversions to illustrate the process. 


The Kickstarter campaign for THE ART OF... book series' first three volumes is going strong. You have pledged over 50.000$ within the first week, and now the books will be hard cover, printed on better paper and with an integrated ribbon bookmark. You have unlocked some interesting add-ons and freebies, too. Thank you so much! There are more goals to meet, so please share the campaign with anyone who might be interested; the more backers come on board, the better the books will be for everyone.   

I showed up on the Between the Bolter and Me Twitch livestream a few days back to chat about THE ART OF... books and the hobby in general. You can watch the recording HERE. The edited version is available as episode of their podcast Dragged into Turbolasers. You can also pay a visit to the Between the Bolter and Me blog, where my hosts the Wier brothers post about their own hobby adventures.

To learn more about the other people behind the book project, check out our publisher Dave Taylor Miniatures, and the other authors Miniature Montly and Christof Keil.

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Great work as always! Your muted colour palette really gives them the unity as a group, despite their physical differences.

By Wonky Dog on 2021 05 06

Thank you very much! ^^

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 05 06

These are lovely! I have a fondness for platemail. Congratulations on the Kickstarter, and thanks again for taking the time to be on our podcast!

By Eric Wier on 2021 05 06

Thanks Eric!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 05 07

Damn, those disgraced Knights look awesome. Have you thought about, or tried to make different cult warrors/Knights? But with now or mostly none GW parts?
Like a Korn or Slannish knight with supporting lance.

By CommissarMoody on 2021 05 08

Thanks CommissarMoody! I haven’t done that before, but I think it’s a great idea. I’m sure it would be interesting to see them in this style. Perhaps a future project? Won’t promise anything, though.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 05 08

Oh no rush, I just happened to see a LARP a few years ago with a guy wearing 15th century plate with blue/pink/purple tint to his armor. Complete with silks and slannsish icons, but can not seem to find it online. Ill have to hunt for those photos again.

By CommissarMoody on 2021 05 11

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