Posted:  29. 03. 2024.


Having landed on Grob, a party of raiders is traversing the landscape searching for tombs to pillage. They brought a tracked vehicle and a spherical drone to aid them in this mission.

Enjoy this month's contribution to Nekroplanet's worldbuilding. Once again I worked at a smaller scale, and the figures were made just for the photo.

They were photographed in a familiar setup of cork rock and red coloured sand. I tried a few compositions and angles and picked my favourite to edit.

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There’s a lot of individuality in these tiny figures. Do I detect a faint nod to the Space Jockey from Alien? It would be quite fitting.

I haven’t had much success with PVA as I’ve found it tends to shrink severely, though this may be a brand issue. I’ve wondered it it could be mixed with something else to improve its qualities, but for now I use it solely for basing and sealing polystyrene terrain.

Great suff, as always.

By Magician Stage on 2024 03 31

Very cool - well done.

By Warburton on 2024 04 02

Great, I was specting to see the raiders. What about the 28mm version? Are you going to sculpt them or are you going to kitbash them?
Inspiring as always.

By Igor on 2024 04 02

@Magician Stage - Thank you! Giger is definitely one of the artistic influences on this project. Re: PVA - the shrinkage may be dependent on the brand’s formula, like you said.

@Warburton - Thanks!

@Igor - I’m working on the Raider range to complement the Grobniks. Five out of nine are finished so far, and are preparing to be sent to Ramshackle Games for production. In the meantime we’ve been using kitbashes while playtesting the game.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2024 04 17

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