Posted:  14. 05. 2021.


I have an assortment of hairy monster muscle to show you this week! Starting with Vargskyr, a vampiric creature out of the aptly named Cursed City board game that was recently released and immediately discontinued. This beastie is a part of a commission (I'm painting the full set of baddies from the game). I have a copy of my own, so you will be seeing another version of Vargskyr here some day. This one was done similar to the boxart colour scheme, which is perfectly good in my opinion. 

Next up is a personal mini. I bought a box of Slaanesh Fiendbloods for a commission and was left with two spare. I like the design of these models, though the excess of bling doesn't mesh well with the rest of my collection. In my usual fashion, I grabbed my dremel and went to town. A bunch of armour pieces, sexy lingerie and ornaments were removed, and parts had to be cleaned up and resculpted. The result would still have no problem fitting in at a fetish party, but now I won't mind fielding it alongside some heathen barbarians. 


The other spare Fiendblood got a different treatment: built out of the box with no converting whatsoever. The colour scheme is less conventional, but it's still a Slaaneshi beastman. This was fun and relaxing to paint, but I won't be keeping it for gaming. If you're interested in adopting it drop me an email.


Finally, the reason I bought the Fiendbloods kit: demonic herald of Q'iranyy. This commission involved creating servants of a custom Chaos god. I was provided with lore, artwork and description of the deity, and got to design some critters. The colour of Q'iranyy is magenta, which is a paint colour I don't even own - so that was an excursion out of my comfort zone. Good times were had!


If you need a custom miniature or scenery made for your D&D or tabletop wargaming campaign, drop me an email - you can find it in the bottom of the page, together with the Gardens of Hecate Facebook, Instagram and RSS links. 

You still have a week's time to pledge for the book Kickstarter I'm working on with Dave Taylor Miniatures. Still stretch goals to unlock; go check it out if you haven't: LINK, and please spread the word. And if you're already a backer - thank you very much for your support!

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Wow, they all look great. I might try my hand and doing my own Chaos god at some point. Did the commissioner have a public page about their deity?

By CommissarMoody on 2021 05 15


I received a PDF with the materials. If they have something public, I don’t know about it. Nothing shows up in a Google search.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 05 15

Well it still is a cool idea.

By CommissarMoody on 2021 05 15

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