Posted:  16. 07. 2021.


This week I added a few new models to expand my pale Ghoul family (pictured above). First off, the Vargskyr. It's a large bestial vampire creature that came in the Cursed City game. I think it's a delightful sculpt! I didn't feel the need to change anything on mine, and ended up painted it in pale colours to match the Ghouls already in my collection.

The Skyr is accompanied by a handful of lesser Vampires (below). These are something like the Age of Sigmar Vargheist, but more moderately sized and muscled. I converted these two from Warcry Furies, with Cursed City bat head swaps. The Furies originally have both a pair of arms and a pair of wings; you will notice I cut the number of limbs from six down to four. The arms were cut off, and the wings relocated from the back to the shoulders. 

This third one is based on Duke Crakmarrow mini from Grymwatch, with a Fury wing and bat head swapped in. 

Finally, a pair of Dire Wolves from Reaper. New Citadel Dire Wolves are definitely an improvement in comparison with the hideous plastic kit they had before. However, they are too large and too cartoony for my taste. These Reaper sculpts look much more grounded, and will be fantastic critters in all sorts of scenarios and warbands. I used photos of wolves as reference when painting their fur, teeth and eyes. 

In other news, the NOVA Open Charity Raffle kicked off yesterday. Now you can go and buy your ticket(s) to win Varvuul the Barbarian Warlord, as well as a host of other miniatures, units and even armies donated by various artists. You can browse all the woderful stuff on offer HERE. Proceeds from Varvuul's tickers will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. 

The THE ART OF... series about Wonderful Miniatures Art published by Dave Taylor Miniatures is still up on preorder, so if you missed the Kickstarter you can grab them HERE. My work on Vol 3 is still going, and I am really looking forward to getting my book out there!

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The furies look so much better this way. A great swap once more!

By potsiat on 2021 08 05

Cheers! The Warcry Furies are excellent base for converting all sorts of vamps, demons and other flying and non flying gangly things.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 09 09

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