Posted:  28. 05. 2021.


Behold, a Skaven Screaming Bell with the skaven-ness stripped away.  This model can be an objective, a unit or a static piece of scenery. With optional accessories I'll be adding later, it will be customisable for different factions. For example, as Triumph of St Katherine for my Sororitas order, or a procession float for one fantasy saint or another. Two empty platforms on the model are enough space to place a statue, a miniature, a relic, or whatever the situation demands. In the front there is place for a pair of horses to be attached to pull it. The bell isn't glued in place, and can be swung by pulling on the chain. That's not exactly necessary but it's a fun feature to have.

The Bell was painted to match my ruins scenery, so the wood and stone parts were done similarly to what is described in this tutorial: PAINTING RUINS

Verdigris is always fun to play with. And it's such a pleasant colour... Should I add it to my tutorial list?

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I personally would love to read your Verdigris tutorial!

Turning this model into basically a terrain piece is such a good idea! Your modifications and the paint job are terrific, too.

One thing I am not a fan of is “sculpted smoke”, it sometimes seems a bit cartoony and conveys a sense of movement that clashes a bit with this being a more static piece now. But that’s just a minor quibble, overall I love the model!!!

By Viktor on 2021 05 28

This totally makes me want to paint one up and add roots turnip28 style.  I would also love to see your verdigras tutorial.

By Jason on 2021 05 28

Yes please, any tips to paint that verdigris would be great.

By Igor on 2021 05 30

Hi Anna,

I’m really impressed by your work, especially the colours you use and the way that you remove extraneous detail from some of the models. It’s always interesting to read about the ideas behind the conversions. Is there any chance that you could do a blog post about how you photograph your models? The pictures look both detailed and atmospheric. Thanks!

By Toby on 2021 06 02

@ Viktor - Thank you! I myself am ok with some such effects on models. In this case, the smoke was originally billowing from back to front, which made no sense if the model is advancing forward. So I turned it around.

@Jason - Cheers! This would be a good starting point for a turnip28 centrepiece.

@Igor - Thanks for the feedback!

@Toby - Thank you! I’ll think about a photography tutorial.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 06 04

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