Posted:  25. 11. 2020.



The Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch is the main boss of the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower boardgame. This model is actually the Gaunt Summoner on Disc, and not the one that came with the game. I'm really fond of both versions, but this one is just more imposing, so I decided to swap them. Some minor changes were made on the staff, disc and body. The outlandish paintjob was inspired by some of the more colourful works of Beksinski, and it will surely stand out when he's put on the board. 


What do you think abot my Summoner? Leave your questions and comments below!

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stellar work as usual smile
you plan on converting every piece, right?
i’m very excited about your take on the excelsior warpriest and grot scuttlings!
and by the way, do you consider to sometimes post greens of your unfinished minis again?

By dav on 2020 11 25

This is beautiful!

By Wojciech on 2020 11 25

Very nice! I like the contrasting solid color areas. Simple but not too simple. It’s colorful without being too busy and very readable from a distance, which is good in gaming miniatures.

One of the really cool features is that you painted parts that are in the same material (e.g. the armor) in different colors. I just love that bold anti-naturalism.

By Gavroche on 2020 11 26

@dav - Thank you! Each piece will be either converted or replaced by a different model. Except the walking fish familiars. It’s one of the dopest models GW has ever produced. Posting unpainted models is something I probably should consider doing again. Thank you for your comment!

@Wojciech - Thank you!

@Gavroche - I feel choices like that give a model a surreal quality fitting for demons (of Tzeentch especially). Thank you! smile

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 11 28

I love the delicate pastel (flashes of Babylon 5 - ‘I am thinking… pastels!’) green to turquoise on his erm…. hat? The colour-coordinated dice are also a nice touch for todays’ fashion-conscious sorceror about town wink

By Wonky Dog on 2020 11 28

@Wonky Dog - Thank you! I think it’s important to accessorize elegantly.  :D

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 12 01

I think the simple color palette with only a few distinct colors is a good, bold choice. The first thing that I thought of when seeing him on Instagram initially was that he looked to be floating out of a Beksiński painting. So you certainly nailed that.

By Gregory Wier on 2020 12 17

Thank you! I’m happy it works, unconventional paintjobs can often be hit or miss.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 12 24

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