Posted:  04. 12. 2021.


Tomb raiders from far corners of the Void land on Nekroplanet Grob to pillage its treasures. But the treasures are guarded! Grobniks - an army of androids built by the ancient extinct civilisation that buried their dead on the inhospitable Nekroplanet, still watch the sepulchres of their former masters.


Sculpted back in August, Grobnik Heavy Trooper is now being released as a three part resin miniature. Available from Mammoth Miniatures HERE!


Designed for 28mm scale, the Heavy Trooper towers over humans - standing 40mm tall. This is only the first of the planned range of Nekroplanet Grob miniatures which I will be sculpting over the coming year. The range will include Grobniks of various shapes and sizes, as well as accessories such as alien sarcophagi and tombstones.


I wanted to bring the Nekroplanet to life using atmospheric scenic photography, so in preparation for the first resin Grobnik's arrival to my workshop I crafted and gathered a collection of thematic scenery. The initial photo shoot yielded satisfying results, some of which you can see below. I'm looking forward to further experiment in this direction, especially as the range of Grobniks expands and introduces more variety!

Grobnik posing in front of a piece of uncanny geometry.

A band of tomb raiding kozmonauts is surprised by a pair of Grobnik Heavy Troopers. The three grave robbers are conversions of miniatures from the Mammoth Miniatures sci fi range: Space trooper and Mercenary space swordsman

A forest of pallid trees... 

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Wonderful! Looking forward to a whole squad of Grobniks.

By Skerples on 2021 12 07

Thank you!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 12 08

I’m so excited for this range! They’re the perfect menace in the honourless hills for my RT-inspired desert setting…

By BC on 2021 12 10

Thanks BC!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 12 10

This brings some pictures in my mind to the fore. Scifi illustrations of the old, red dust and some of the rather primitive looking (but surely not to be underrated) aliens .
Extremely well executed, together with the diorama.
...  A sure buy if we can have a group of 6 or so.

By Frank on 2022 04 16

Thanks Frank! There are four new Grobnik sculpts being moulded as we speak, so the range is going to expand soon.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2022 04 17

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