Posted:  26. 08. 2020.


I've been panting some more Nighthaunt as a commission, and thought now would be a good opportunity to give you a tutorial on my method for painting ghosts.


These are my latest ghosts. If you want to see some more, visit the site's Gallery.

Thorns of the Briar Queen

Myrmourn Banshees

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Looks great - nice and creepy!

By Wonky Dog on 2020 08 26

Thanks Wonky Dog!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 08 26

Great effect, neat tutorial and very professional layout of the pictures. Love it!

By potsiat on 2020 08 26

Odličan i vizualno vrhunski napravljen tutorial!

By Ivan (paintsquig1980) on 2020 08 26

@potsiat - Thank you!

@Ivan (paintsquig1980) - Hvala! smile

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 08 27

Love it! Will say as I did on instagram; create a patreon

By Alf on 2020 08 27

Thank you!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 08 27

Unsure how well I’d pull this off, but thank you very much for the tutorial!

By Harr0wed on 2020 10 15

@Harrowed - You’re welcome! I’m sure you can do it.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 11 25

Thank you so much for putting together this amazing tutorial, it’s incredibly helpful. I have one question if that’s ok, for Steps 2 and 3, what is the ratio of Dark Wood to water and Typhus Corrosion to water? Is it a 50/50 mix of paint and water, or a more diluted mix? Thanks!

By James on 2022 05 16

You’re welcome! It’s more diluted than 50-50. Quite watery. You want the pigment to spread out, and end up most concentrated in the recesses. Without overly darkening the rest of the surfaces. This is especially important with Typhus Corrosion, as it’s rather strong and contrasts with the light grey underneath.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2022 05 18

Going to attempt this style myself. Can you suggest an equivalent for SE Dark Wood? Preferably Vallejo, but I’ll take anything, SE doesn’t seem to be easily available in the UK, or when they do have it, they dont have Dark Wood. Google is letting me down on this one. :/

By Wiggles on 2022 12 20

@Wiggles - I don’t really use Vallejo, but what you need is a matte grey, mid to dark. Greenstuff World has a range of paints same type as these Secret Weapon ones - that have a powdery finish like pigments, but are liquid paints and need no pigment fixer. So Liquid Pigments INDUSTRIAL DUST from GSW may be an alternative to Dark Wood.  You can also try Scale75, which are more matte than other normal acrylic paints for minis. Pehaps Graphite from their Scalecolor range.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2022 12 27

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