Posted:  15. 10. 2020.



This week I've got an update on my Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower customization project: a hero and an enemy type.


The Assassin is my replacement for the Skaven Deathrunner in Silver Tower. This enemy has the ability to create a mirror image type clone to confuse the heroes, and therefore needs two minis to represent it. My renditions are converted from Nighthaunt Chainrasps' bodies, daggers from Warcry Furies, and bird skulls from the Warcry Untamed Beasts kit. 



The Knight Questor. You've seen her male counterpart in an earlier post (I plan to make male/female versions of Silver Tower heroes). She was converted from one of the three Easy to Build Sequitors, with a Bladegheist Revenant sword. The wings on her helmet are sculpted from scratch, and the symbol on the shield comes from an old WHFB High Elves kit. Of course, she will also find use outside of Warhammer Quest: in narrative skirmish games.  



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Very beautiful conversions, I especially like the head of the Knight Questor.

By Viktor on 2020 10 15

Thanks Viktor!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 10 15

Love the assassin minis. ^^

By The Golem on 2020 10 15

Thank you @The Golem!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 10 16

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