Posted:  09. 09. 2021.


I got to paint the complete classic Carnival of Chaos, a Mordheim warband that is long out of print and not easy to find these days. Those minis really have a ton of character! The colour scheme was chosen by the client, M. Nitri of Hollow Press. The Hollow Dansers, as this particular carnival troupe is called, were to be serious and ominous: worn out clothing, corroded metal, pustules on the skin. The main color for the fabrics was to be a dark brown, and as this is a carnival there had to be freehand patterns like stripes, spots, stars, or diamonds. Overall, less jolly and more sinister. I added pale green as a spot colour for the mortals and main skintone for the demofolk to complete the colour scheme.

The Plague Cart

The Cart, which is the centrepiece of the warband, is decorated with freehand images inspired by the danse macabre and medieval demons. The hellmouth piece is my favourite, and features a green one-eyed devil devouring souls. Nurgle demons, particularly Plaguebearers, are usually depicted with a single eye. 

Mouth of Hell
Carnival Master and Taited One

In order to kit out the warriors with weapons and options matching their list, I had to do a few conversions like on the Tainted One above. Apart from a weapon swap, it received a mark of Nurgle in the form of a back patch, as well as an exposed belly revealing his collection pus-filled boils. 


I was also commissioned to make a small display board to hold the minis. It represents a country road they are traveling, leaving a trail of black mould, disease and death in their wake. The base of the board is a picture frame, with base slots and terrain built on top.

The Display Board

If you need your own Mordheim warband converted and painted, drop me an email - you can find it in the bottom of the page, together with the Gardens of Hecate Facebook, Instagram and RSS links. 

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Wow, what an amazing commission project! The entire paint job is excellent, and the freehand elements is amazing to me.

By Viktor on 2021 09 09

Thanks Viktor!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 09 09

I have to second the amazing quality of the freehands. They really make the carriage a centre piece. Are the spider webs a freehand, too? The miniature are obviously also great and I am impressed how you combined a subdued colour scheme with the patterns.

By Daggerandbrush on 2021 09 09

Thank you! The spiderwebs (or possibly some kind of demonic tendrils - couldn’t identify what it was meant to be) are partly there on the sculpt, and partly painted lines. There are those holes in the cart’s sides with things poking out that I just interpreted as amorphous green Nurgle mass seeping out.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 09 09

Only one photo of the display board? What happened? I must see more angles of it!!!

As others have said, the freehand is truly as good as it gets. Whoever ordered this set really scored something special. That coach is one of the most haunting miniatures ever made. My goodness!

By Hot Dice on 2021 09 10

Simply Amazing!

I would love to see more of your interpretations of some of the other Mordheim factions!

By Fan94 on 2021 09 10

Great work - absolutely brilliant.

By Warburton on 2021 09 13

@Hot Dice - Thank you! I added another photo of the display now. I didn’t include many photos because they didn’t turn out that great, and I didn’t have time for a reshoot.

@Fan94 - Thanks! I’ve done Possessed Cult and Witch Hunters for Mordheim2019, and I have an undead warband in the works. They all use modern minis, though.

@Warburton - Cheers!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 09 16

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