Posted:  15. 06. 2023.


Three new Grobnik figures and a set of Nekroplanet Artefacts join my Nekroplanet range at Mammoth Miniatures! Get yours from their online shop: HERE.

With that, each of the eight Grobnik units available in the Nekroplanet Grob skirmish game we’re developing has a miniature now. It was satisfying to have them all lined up for a photo (see below).

It's not the end of it, though! Next additions to the range will be nine different space tomb raiders to oppose the robot guards.

If you're an aspiring sculptor and are looking for a way to get a mini released, remember Mammoth Publishing. It's an arrangement that allows traditional miniature sculptors to publish their miniatures via Mammoth Miniatures - they produce the moulds, cast the figures, and handle distribution, while you recieve 65% of the profit from every single sale of your sculpts and retain the rights to your work. 

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Very cool.  You have an exceptional art style.

By Geoff on 2023 06 20

Thank you very much, Geoff!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2023 06 21

Will there be a restock of the miniatures I missed out on grobnik troiper

By Zach on 2023 07 02

Hi Zach! Grobniks are not a limited release - so there will be a restock as soon as Nic manages to cast more copies.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2023 07 03

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