Posted:  18. 07. 2022.


Tomb raiders from far corners of the Void land on Nekroplanet Grob to pillage its treasures. But the treasures are guarded! Grobniks - an army of androids built by the ancient extinct civilisation that buried their dead on the inhospitable Nekroplanet, still watch the sepulchres of their former masters.


Following the Grobnik Heavy Trooper released last year, the Nekroplanet range is now expanding with four new miniatures and a set of small terrain! Available from Mammoth Miniatures HERE.

Grobnik Troopers are foot soldier class among robotic guardians of Nekroplanet's graves. Some tombs contain entire armies of them!

The flying Death Ray's design is reminiscent of the sun rays, the planet's native sky fauna. It attacks swiftly from above!

The Bulwark is a heavily armoured unit, whose purpose is to act as an immovable object. Their massive body and hands block the enemy's passage, while the small cannon mounted on top can serve a barrage of supressive fire to keep tomb raiders away from their prize.

Grobnik Dragoons are Nekroplanet's biomechanical cavalry specialists. Use it to run down the sacrilegous plunderers!

The Nekroplanet is littered with necropoleis, tombs, and graveyards of a long extinct interplanetary civilisation. This set of 11 resin tombstones is perfect for decorating a graveyard on Grob, as well as in other fantasy worlds, or in a historical setting.

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Nice, these look rad as hell. Would go great on a board for the new Forbidden Psalm game that just launched.

By Bobby S. on 2022 07 20

Yeah, they would be cool for KillSampleProcess. Thank you!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2022 07 20

Damn. Some fine headstones you got there. I love the eerie red glow on the grey. Would you mind sharing how you painted them?

By Bob on 2022 08 14

Thank Bob! The headstones were primed white, then given several washes with raw and burnt umber, with ivory highlights sponged on between washes (final highlight was brushed on to pick out the important details). The eerie red glow comes from red powder pigment applied on the bottom half of each stone.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2022 08 15

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