Posted:  15. 09. 2020.


I came by a copy of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, initially intending to ransack it for conversion parts. However, when I looked into the game's reviews it became apparent there's way more value to it than just the minis. Long story short, now I'm working towards a personalized copy of the game, with alternate minis, dice and cards. I've seen a few well done renditions of Silver Tower before, for instance this one by WilhelMiniatures: LINK, BigBossRedskullz: LINK, or this retro one by Curis: LINK. This will be fun.

First off, an alternate model for the Ogroid Thaumaturge.


The base model is the resin Forest Dweller #1 from WilhelMiniatures. I made a few changes, most notably adding fur and resculpting the right hand to hold flaming evil geometry. Those menacing shapes...


Here he is in his natural habitat. The dice pictured are Chessex Borealis Teal D6, and they will serve as the five Destiny Dice in the game. I'll talk more about my choice of dice in a later post.

Have you played WHQ: Silver Tower?

How did you like it?

Is it worth painstakingly converting 50+ models for this game, or have I lost my marbles?

Let me know in the comments.

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Interesting take on Warhammer Quest. I was always tempted to do a 30K conversion, where a Custodes, a Space Wolf and a Sister of Silence go on a quest during the assault on the Thousand Sons.
I will be watching this with great interest!

By AgisN on 2020 09 15

@AgisN - Thanks! That 30K conversion idea sounds cool.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 09 17

Ana, I’m very curious about how you’ll approach this project!  I’ve thought of making a a bespoke version too because there are some fun and innovative rules in the game and I like the theme a lot. I don’t think it replays very well at all but there have been some supplements since the release, and that new content may help extend it. I’m not a great fan of the tiles; they’re almost great, but ultimately fall flat as game pieces. Do you like them? Are you going to make your own versions?  (Replacing the miniatures will not be an issue for you, and probably half the fun.)

By Evan W on 2020 09 20

@Evan W - I quite like the tiles design. I do, however, intend to paint over them a bit to make them slightly less vibrant and clean. They would clash with my paint style otherwise.  I would also like to make a few terrain pieces. The impassable squares on some tiles ere not marked obviously enough IMO, and I reckon putting 3d terrain pieces on them would help. There’s demonic statues, crystals, stalagmites, etc.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 09 23

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