Posted:  02. 04. 2021.


This trio of custom 28mm characters were commissioned for the client's homebrew D&D campaign. The Sun Guard are a "faction of religious zealots whose principal mandate is to hunt down and destroy arcane and non-divine spell-casters." I used a combination historical and fantasy miniatures to convert them into what my client envisioned for his world. Although they are all clad in white, they still sport my characteristic gritty finish. 


Sun Guard soldier, priest and sergeant.

The priest was converted from the Reaper Miniatures Brother Hammond figure. It's a fantastic sculpt I've used multiple times in the past. The original hooded head is here replaced with a severed trophy head from the Gallic Naked Fanatics (Victrix).

The sergeant is a converted resin Crusader Warlord from V&V Miniatures. He got a weapon arm swap (from Perry plastic WotR knight) and a few details changed. I sculpted the sun emblem on his chest to show his allegiance.

The soldier is another V&V Crusader with an arm and weapon swap. The client asked for this character to be armed with a halberd, so I made one using plastic Perry bits.

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It’s nice to have the component bits mentioned. Gives a real sense of what you can do with different miniature ranges and which bits fit together well. Praise the sun!

By Gavroche on 2021 04 03

Thank you very much Gavroche!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 04 11

Love the way you arranged photos with close-ups. Splendid conversions and very interesting method on painting white. Praise the sun!

By potsiat on 2021 04 15

Thank you potsiat! White can be quite daunting to attempt. Luckily, there are always many different approaches to choose from.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 04 22

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