Posted:  17. 11. 2021.


Rotten Factory are celebrating their five years in business with a new crowdfunding campaign. They have many characterful resin minis on offer, new and old, but my main interest is a product they haven't had before: silicone moulds for pouring plaster terrain elements, which can then be put together in a variety of ways to create buildings. Pawel was kind enough to send me a box of test plaster casts, and I used them to make a few stone ruins that will serve as scenery for my miniature photography. Those are some lovely stone walls and arches, but there are also a bunch of elements I didn't use in this project: like roof sections, stone floor, wooden beams and plastered walls. If you have a look at the campaign page you can see the half timbered house Pawel built - it's something that would fit perfectly in Mordheim or Frostgrave. I'll be casting a lot more stuff from the moulds when I receive them after the Kickstarter campaign.

Bare plaster ruins. I put them on simple paper bases, which will be hidden in the scenic photos. A handful of loose stones made of styrene and minaiture clay bricks were added, just to give it all a more ruined look.

The last one is a little bit more adventurous: an alien portal. This one is for a sci-fi setting and photo setup I'm currently developing behind the scenes.

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Great paintjob on those!

By potsiat on 2021 11 19


By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 11 24

Paper base? Brave but interesting!

Particularly the Red Portal is cool and sufficiently alien!

By -I- on 2021 12 02

Thanks! The paper bases are there just for stability. They’re not much to look at, but it doesn’t matter since they’re fully or mostly obscured when I set it all up for scenic shots. The advantage is they’re easy to cut and trim with scissors, and are super thin- which makes it easy to overlap them if necessary for the scene composition. I wouldn’t recommend that approach if it were gaming terrain, though.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 12 03

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