Posted:  26. 02. 2021.


I painted some new scatter terrain for my games at home. Especially since I've gotten into Rangers of Shadow Deep I've been motivated to invest into more variety of smaller scenery pieces. What you see pictured below came from three Mantic Terrain Crate kits: Hunter's Camp, Blacksmith & Stable, and Dungeon Debris; as well as one Wizkids Deep Cuts D&D Large Cannon. A few things are missing from the pics: water trough had a resin mishap and wasn't ready for the photoshoot, and the blacksmith's forge will be installed on a bit of ruined wall at a later date, so I didn't paint it just yet. There is also five pieces I simply forgot to photograph: a wagon wheel and four pieces of rock rubble that I put with my Warcry ruins. The Dungeon Debris box had a few skulls and rats included, which are in my bits box. The rest is here, and it's mostly great. Overall I think these four sets are good value for money.

The biggest problem I had is that the two barrel clusters are sightly deformed. It's not immediately apparent, but on closer inspection you can tell. Still good for scatter terrain, but I wouldn't put it in a diorama. The Mantic Terrain Crates come in sturdy cardboard boxes that can later be used for storage, and that's a lovely bonus. Each has space for much more than what originally came inside. 

The plastic is not hard like Perry or Citadel miniatures, but slightly bendy like Reaper Bones. However, it takes primer and paint well, and most pieces don't have tiny details that would bend anyway. Overall this seems like it will be durable gaming scenery, and that's what I like. The Mantic stuff came in brown coloured plastic. The Wizkids cannon came primed white (but I sprayed black over that because it suited me better). No assembly was required. There were a few mould lines, which can be cut off (scraping won't work on this kind of plastic) or concealed with clever paintjob tricks. I batch painted pretty much the whole lot together, and it was fun and relaxing; just the kind of personal project I needed.  



These little scenery elements are perfect for adding some character to the board, creating a sense of place, as well as potentially objectives and interactable elements if a scenario requires it. I'm currently looking to further expand my collection of such doodads. Already have some more stuff coming in, but if you know of some interesting pieces and/or manufacturers, I'd love to hear suggestions!



The other thing I have for you today is the latest finished commission: a custom Thunder Warrior model. These superhuman warriors were precursors of Space Marines, created by the Emperor during the Unification Wars. His goal was to forcefully unite all nations of Terra into a global empire, and the Thunder Warriors were his legions. This Warrior is represented with a Techno Barbarian enemy about to meet his doom. It's obvious how much more physically powerful the Empreror's elite supersoldiers are when compared to a human. I constructed the model using bits from Citadel kits and Victrix, as well as modelling putty to achieve this particular pose. 



If you want a custom miniature like this made for you, drop me an email - you can find it in the bottom of the page, together with the Gardens of Hecate Facebook, Instagram and RSS links. 

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Your stuff is consistently great. That’s superimpressive. You know what you should do at some point? Put out a retrospective picture book, like the 28 mag, but with just your stuff.

By Gavroche on 2021 02 27

Lovely work on these.  Sometimes the looser approach that I tend to take with items like these is a good palette cleanser between more involved projects.

Very atmospheric.

By Cheetor/sho3box on 2021 02 27

For interesting scatter terrain and narrative terrain elements I recommend Grabblecast and Ultraterrain (it is resin, but quality is very good).

By Keetan on 2021 02 28

The thunder warrior conversion is lovely, i like how it looks suitably different to “modern” power armour (and his cig!). I’m confused as to why he isn’t in his own post, I think people might miss him down at the bottom of an- arguably- less interesting post about props (which I still enjoyed reading, so “props” to that!)

I also missed your last post,  you’re pumping them out that fast! The conversion there is brilliant, I haven’t had a look at Kingdom Death but I will now! You should really try striking up deals with miniature companies, your conversions always make me go and have a look at their catalogs.

Thank you for continuing to produce great content for free.

By Luke on 2021 03 02

@Gavroche - Thank you! Maybe I will. wink

@Cheetor - Thanks! I agree, it’s great for that.

@Keetan - Cheers for the recomendations!

@Luke - I’m glad you like them! I try post here once a week. Luckily I sculpt and paint so much stuff that I always have something to show, be it personal projects or commission work.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 03 05

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