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In the early days of my Warhammer hobby, my brother joined me and started a Vampire Counts army. We both loved the look of pre-plastic Grave Guard, even though he never ended up collecting a full unit back then. The current plastic Grave Guard kit doesn't cut it at all, especially when put next to the new Skeleton Warriors. I hope they will be brought up to date, but in the meantime I can have fun converting my own! I'm planning a pair of them: one armed with sword and shield, and the other with a polearm. The sword&shield fella came first: 

The armoured torso, feet, shield arm and face come from the new Citadel Skeleton Warriors kit. The robe was taken from a Lumineth Auralan Warden (the ornamentation was all filed down), and the shield from MESBG Warriors of the Dead. The helmet and sword arm come from a Last Sword Miniatures Skeleton Warrior. In order to put that all together I used green stuff. The most involved part of the process was sculpting the scale mail hanging down the Guard's waist. It matches the mail that came with the GW skeletons. 

The other Grave Guard will be pretty similar. I'm still waiting for some bits to arrive to tackle that one.

Grave Guard's mail being sculpted. Starting from the bottom, I built up columns of minute green stuff balls, each flattened into a disc with a metal tool.

Arkbald the Accursed is a Wight King I painted a while ago for the warband of lich Ichorax the Insomniac. Now I changed his weapon into a hefty mace, and updated his paintjob. Will be adding a few more wight characters to my collection soon. 

Warhammer Quest: Cursed City contains some really impressive minis, and I purchased a copy primarily for that reason. The Ulfenwatch are fantastic armoured skeletons. I'm really happy with the design, from the armour to the shambling poses. So much so that I left them as they were, with the exception of Captain Halgrim. The Ulfenwatch commander got a head swap: the bare skull wearing an eye patch got switched for a spare masked helmet.

The group has six skeletons with spear&shield, two with sword&shield, a banner bearer, a sergeant, and the Captain. They will be perfect for my usual skirmish games, and even if I want to play something like Dragon Rampant or Saga I can form them into a unit. I have a box of multi part Skeleton Warriors in the same style, in case I need to add a few more. One thing I noticed, though, is that the Ulfenwatch have way more natural poses and even their swords are more detailed. I supposed this was sacrificed for modularity and (limited) posability in the AoS boxed set. 

Captain Halgrim

The Ulfenwatch

I was long undecided on the colour scheme, and even in the end I have two different robe colours present: half have beige and half black. The ten man unit was batch painted to speed up the process. I used ten paints in total, and this is the list:


  • Walnut SC-29 (Scalecolor)
  • Gobi Brown SC-12 (Scalecolor)
  • Birch SC25 (Scalecolor)
  • Ivory (Green Stuff World)
  • Black Metal SC-63 (Scalecolor)
  • Ironbreaker (Citadel)
  • Flat Black (Scalecolor)
  • Orange Rust A005 (Secret Weapon)
  • Nuln Oil (Citadel)
  • Agrax Earthshade (Citadel)

If you need your own skeletal army converted and/or painted, drop me an email - you can find it in the bottom of the page, together with the Gardens of Hecate Facebook, Instagram and RSS links. 

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And of course American Blond Ale, the secret ingredient grin

Great stuff, as always.

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Thank you! Ah yes, I forgot to put ABA on the list. My apologies :D

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