Posted:  20. 05. 2021.


This Snail Necromancer is a conversion based on the skull snail I sculpted for Harwood Hobbies in 2019. I rounded the shell with putty and added an extra pair of eye stalks on the mollusc. The tiny necromancer riding the snail is from North Star, came as a freebie when I preordered their plastic wizards. The mini will be good for games of Brutal Quest/Planet 28; and I think I'll make another one like it and use them both as Tzeentch familiars in Silver Tower. But I was originally prompted to make it as an entry for the ongoing open invitational Slug Wizard Spring



Speaking of WHQ: Silver Tower, a big group of adversaries is done - taking me very close to completing the set. These geometrical monsters are my version of Tzeentch Horrors. There are three kinds: Pink, Blue and Brimstone. When killed, a Pink Horror will spawn two Blue Horrors, which will each spawn a pair of Brimstone Horrors upon death. Original Horrors look like cartoony tentacled monsters with large toothed maws. Not really my favourite miniature version of this species of demon. As for many minis in the set, I replaced the originals with my own interpretation. 


Abnormal Icosahedra, Uncanny Dodecahedron, and Anomalous Polyhedron.

Stuff of nightmares...

I've always found geometry creepy. Must be the regular angles, straight lines and smooth surfaces that rarely occur out there in the world make it feel decidedly unnatural. And in my mythos, demons are commonly uncanny alien anomalies. Things that don't belong to the material sphere humanity inhabits. Good examples of what inspired these demon miniatures are the monolith from Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), and The Dead Zone, a 2016 photography series by Julien Coquentin depicting a black cube eerily levitating through forests and above ponds. I love those images so much; they fill me with dread and fascination.

The models are resin 3D prints of geometric sculptures. The 3D models were created by mathematical sculptor George W. Hart, and are based on physical sculptures by Morton C. Bradley Jr. You can find more about them on Hart's website: LINK, as well as download the STLs if you want to look at them or print them yourself. 

The book Kickstarter campaign I'm working on with Dave Taylor Miniatures is drawing to a close. You have today and tomorrow to get on board and secure your copies of these tomes about miniature art. You can have a look here what's on offer in the project: LINK. If you're already a backer, thank you very much for your support!

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one day you’ll have to bring out your own boardgame with these wonderful weird & wacky miniatures.

By Gavroche on 2021 05 21

The snail is awesome! I have been planning to sculpt a snail (with a more realistic shell) for a while. I can’t help feeling that the little necromancer will often turn up late for battles though….

By Wonky Dog on 2021 05 21

These are fantastically creative creations! I especially love your very unique interpretation of Horrors. That Snail Necromancer is fantastically funny but quite creepy at the same time.  I’m always amazed by your work, but to me that Snail Necromancer is perhaps your best work. Well done!

By Linzo on 2021 05 22

@Gavroche - One day perhaps I shall.

@Wonky Doog - Thank you! Snails are a lot of fun to sculpt and paint. Interesting textures. The necromancer is clearly not in a hurry to get anywhere, yeah.

@Linzo - Thank you!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 05 25

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