Posted:  08. 07. 2021.


Previously seen here as greens, the knight sculpts commissioned for the Smash Bash 2021 online competition have now returned to me as metal miniatures. As a participant of SmashBash, I was also sent a bag of goodies, including enamel pins, a tote bag, and a t-shirt. Huge thanks to the organiser @totally_not_panicking for the gifts!

The minis were painted in a fitting dark and gritty colour scheme. They fit rather well with some of my past sculpts, like the Wraiths:

If you want a custom miniature or piece of scenery made for you, drop me an email - you can find it in the bottom of the page, together with the Gardens of Hecate Facebook, Instagram and RSS links.

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Ahhhhh - I love the pig rider! The way you paint black armour is fantastic. Not 100% sure about the red weapons… They look very under-highlighted compared to the armour…

By Wonky Dog on 2021 07 11

Thank you Wonky! Much like the weapons of my Necrons, the red weapons here are deliberately painted flat, with minimal highlights and shading. I understand it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like it.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 07 16

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