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Smash Bash, a new online "mini competition that celebrates the creative, gruesome, pathetic, and evocative side of our hobby", is closing its submissions window soon. Being terribly busy these past few months, I had very little time to work on my entry. Nonetheless, I managed to speed through this small contribution to show support for the show. 

My entry is a direct homage to Blasphemous, a 2019 Spanish videogame with appealing visual design and worldbuilding. Blasphemous is a constant source of inspiration, and it was great fun recreating its characters in miniature form. The scene represents one of the early boss fights, where player character Penitent One faces the monster Ten Piedad. I edited the scenic shots to resemble the pixelated look of the game itself. Since I didn't want to grab assets directly from the game, I put together the health bar myself in my usual photo editing software. Not as intricate as the original, but it serves the purpose. 

Both models will be added to my skirmish gaming collection, and perhaps you'll see them again in a future battle report.


Pixel art version.

Original scenic photo.

The Penitent One is the player character of the game. His iconic helmet design is based on the penitent headgear called capirote combined with the face masks that were part of Ancient Roman cavalry helmets. I converted the character using a Perry WotR foot knight body and arms, a GW Nighthaunt sword, face mask from Fireforge medieval Russian infantry, and the rest of the helmet was sculpted from scratch. I didn't have time for elaborate sculpting work, so I changed or omitted some details from the original character design. It's not a perfect clone, but I believe it is recognizable enough. 

The creature Ten Piedad was converted from a lovely Tree Guardian model from Rotten Factory. The horse skull comes from GW undead cavalry. My version of the character has branch-like horns, while the original has distinctly goat horns. Had I more time, I would have included a Pieta statue in the background to complete the picture. Perhaps I will add it later. 

Are you taking part in Smash Bash? Are you too a fan of Blasphemous? Let me know in the comments.

If you want a custom miniature or scenery made for you, drop me an email - you can find it in the bottom of the page, together with the Gardens of Hecate Facebook, Instagram and RSS links. 

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This is fantastic. You have created a very evocative scene with just those two models. As always, the muted color scheme works perfectly. I have Blasphemous sitting in my library of games and need to find the time to play it.

By Gregory Wier on 2021 03 23

Blasphemous is so good! This is clearly recognisable as the Penitent One.

By B on 2021 03 23

Brilliant smile

By Warburton on 2021 03 24

Thank you Greg! I heartily recommend it for when you find some time to play.

Thank you B!

Cheers, Warburton!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 03 25

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