Posted:  19. 08. 2020.


The miraculous mechanical man.

This model was originally made as an entry in an online competition in 2016, and it used to have a scenic base. You can check it out in the post I made back then: CII. The Automaton (there are also some WIP shots of the build). Now I took it off the original base and mounted it on a 32mm round gaming one. I made a few more changes to make it work as a gaming figure.

Originally I meant to make the head actually rotateable. However, since I later decided that I want dramatic lighting coming from one side of the scene, this didn't make sense any more and I ended up gluing it in place. Now that there was no ambient lighting I went back to my original idea. Good thing I didn't glue it that well! The head can freely rotate to show four different faces, each expressing a different emotion: neutral, crying, frowning, and laughing. I touched up the paintjob accordingly, removing the orange glow on its right hand side and giving all the faces similar neutral shading so they would look well no mather which one is 'active'.

I can see this model getting use both in sci-fi and fantasy scenarios, which is pretty cool.

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Congrats on the first “true” post here, a cool remake and new black&stylish; pics background. I bet rotating four-faced head can be an inspiration for interesting rules for this one. Looking forward for seeing him used in your scenarios!

By potsiat on 2020 08 20

@potsiat - Cheers! We’ll see what kind of rules we can come up with. There are tons of possibilities. smile

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 08 20

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