Posted:  23. 01. 2023.


If you’re a regular here you will have noticed I’ve been playing Forbiden Psalm a lot lately. It’m nearing the end of my campaign, but that will not be the end of my engagement with this game in 2023. I’m working once again with UMS”Agram” to host a gaming event in the summer of this year, and the game we will be playing is Forbidden Psalm. Unlike my previous summer wargaming gatherings, which were invitational, this one is open to anyone to apply. However, the event still has a limited number of participant slots. Check the rulespack below to learn more about it and how to register. You can download it in PDF form here: LINK or LINK, as well as a printer-friendly version HERE.

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This sounds like a great event. Sadly I have only the book and read the rules for Forbidden Psalm but I have never played. So I don’t realy want “steal” one of these rare player slots.

By Reduel on 2023 01 24

Hi Reduel! It’s your decision of course, but if that’s the only thing keeping you from applying it’s not really a problem. There’s more than five months between now and the event for you to play a few games and get deeper into it. Even if you don’t have anyone around to play with, FP can be run solo.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2023 01 24

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