Posted:  16. 12. 2022.


Turnip28 is a tabletop miniatures game and setting developed by British artist Max FitzGerald. The world of Turnip28 is a combination of postapocalyptic with napoleonics and root vegetables, and it's "about turnips". You can learn a lot more about it here: TURNIP28. You may recall from my old blog, that I made my first Turnip minis in 2020, using parts from Perry Miniaitures, Victrix, Games Workshop, and Harwood Hobbies, combined with putty. HERE is the blog post.

Back then, Turnip28 didn't even have rules yet, and now it's come so far it's releasing its official range of miniatures! Max commissioned me to paint up a unit of them, and I was super excited to slap some paint on these fantastic sculpts. Find the 'Forlorn Hope' campaign on KS check them out and learn more: The Forlorn Hope; it's running until December 30th. 

The models are resin 3D prints. Digitally sculpted by Saint Decent, they are made for 28mm scale and to be compatible with bits from historical kits. They do, however, have their own distinctive look, based on concept art by Max and other illustrators who worked on the Turnip 28 project. The figures (with the exception of standard bearer and musician) come in five parts: body, head, left and right arms, and backback. There are plenty of options for each, so it's easy to mix and mach to create as little or as much variety as you want in the unit. For example, I focused on bascinet helmets and bicorne hats to add a small deal of uniformity to the rag-tag group. There was even a head with a horse skull mask, which fits my regiment's theme perfectly. I didn't use the banner, but opted to make my own using the head of one of my Folk Horrors.  The kit also contains loose vegetables, and a jolly little root pet playing the triangle.

The Kickstarter has unlocked all the stretch goals, which contain digital files for a bunch of new options that will be sculpted additionally. I'm looking forward to having those printed when they arrive and expanding my regiment beyond this single unit of Fodder.

Like my original attempt at Turnip28 from two and a half years ago, these guys represent my regiment: the 13th Royal Horseradish. Formerly a cavalry regiment, they brought shame to their name by eating their own mounts to save themselves from starvation. Now they must walk through cold mud, haunted on every step by the spectre of their disgrace. The Ghost, the Horseradish Spirit, the Spectral Root is a manifestation of the regiment's shame, which haunts the soldiers and follows wherever they go. You can catch the ethereal spirit in some of the photos. The horseradish model is from the first iteration of the regiment in 2020, and it's converted from one of my first released sculpts. 

Have you heard of Turnip28 before?

What do you think of it?

Have you played the current version of the Turnip28 rules? I haven't and I'd be happy to hear some opinions on the gameplay.

Let me know in the comments.

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You’ve really nailed the Bosch look!

By Marc on 2022 12 22

Thanks Marc!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2022 12 27

I haven’t played it but I think it is an immensely vast source of inspiration for tinkering and kitbashing. After trying some physical kitbaash, I am currently trying digital 3d kitbashing (first for humanoid regiments, but then also planning to do mutated animals and plants…). Overwhelmed by the imho toxic orthodoxy of GW my friends try to lay on me, I find turnip28 is a vital source of air for creativity and serenity…

By @artecnoalquimia on 2022 12 27

@artecnoalquimia - Oh totally, the game encourages that sort of stuff and I appreciate it for that! I think Max made a great decision with napoleonics + medieval kitbashing concept to create turnip soldiers. It’s fun and accessible to potential players, and I’m sure people will keep doing that even with official minis now available.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2022 12 28

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