Posted:  19. 11. 2020.


The WHQ:Silver Tower project continues with the addition of a bigger adversary group: the Tzaangor. These guys are beastmen of Tzeentch, and come in three different weapon confugurations/three different sculpts. The bird-headed originals look really good to me as they are, but I wanted to give them a more Milleresque flavour. The only thing I changed were the faces, which I sculpted myself. 


The colour scheme is the same as on my Ogroid Thaumaturge.

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Where can I buy these?

By @Sifuochwingchun Instagram on 2020 11 19

These are very nice indeed. I really like the coherrence of the muted colour scheme. My only suggestion would be to pick out their eyes in orange or red just to give that spark of colour. Excellent as ever Ana. So your birthday treat to yourself was…...? Hopefully some wild model purchase. I’m thinking of Aventine Miniatures Armoured Sassanid heavy cavalry. Big guys on huge warhorses with long pointy sticks. What’s not to like? smile

By Malcolm Skyner on 2020 11 19

Limited palettes are the best.

By Gavroche on 2020 11 19

They are beautiful.

By Wojciech on 2020 11 19

@Sifuochwingchun Instagram - These are conversions of Tzaangor models from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower boardgame (I removed their faces and sculpted new ones). It is out of print, so you can only get them on the secondary market. But there are Tzaangors available as a set for AoS, even though they are not these particular models. If you want some converted like this you can email me at .(Morate imati omogućen JavaScript kako biste vidjeli ovu e-mail adresu)

@ Malcolm Skyner - Thank you! Orange eyes are a good suggestion. For my birthday I treated myself with some books from my ever expanding wishlist. smile

@ Gavroche - Totally!

@ Wojciech - Thank you! smile

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 11 20

Faces are Milleresque indeed. Love the sculpting and the limited palette!

By potsiat on 2020 11 26

Thank you @potsiat!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 12 01

What a beautiful interpretation of beastmen. They truly capture a Miller look and look more like warhammer should to me than modern GW.

By Maya on 2020 12 26

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