Posted:  10. 09. 2020.


Withered priestesses, performing their processions and rites beyond death. 

These five models have been converted using the Triumph of St. Catherine kit from the WH40k Adepta Sororitas range. There are a few more kits from the same range I'll be using in the future. They are exquisite as they are (If I were to do a 40k army at this point, they would be my top choice), but they also have models and bits that work great for converting dark fantasy minis. 


Undead priestesses with the lich priest I made a while ago. 

Procession of the dead.

The models were inspired by the mummified monks and clergymen in the Capuchin crypts of Palermo, Sicily. That strange and wonderful burial place is an endless source of inspiration. 

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