Posted:  11. 06. 2021.


This model is my donation to the NOVA Open Charity Raffle of summer 2021. The raffle kicks off on July 1st, and in the meantime you can keep an eye on the Nova Open Charitable Foundation website, as they have already started previewing some of the models that will be given away. Many truly talented miniature artists are taking part, and have done so over the past eight years. Proceeds from my donation will be going to Doctors Without Borders. NOCF is associated with OOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention in Washington DC.

Varvuul was converted from a Warcry model in the Untamed Beasts kit. I swapped a bunch of over-the-top parts with sightly more sensible bits from other GW kits. The model could play the role of a barbarian character in RPGs or a hero in an army or warband for tabletop wargaming.  

When I thought about how to paint my Barbarian Warlord, I rummaged through my Frank Frazetta folder. He successfully painted numerous scantily clad barbarian types and I wanted to have a look at how he uses coulour. I don't normally go for green when I shade human skin, so this was educational. I'm happy with the result, and I hope he sells many raffle tickets for them doctors.

If you need a custom miniature or scenery made for your D&D or tabletop wargaming campaign, drop me an email - you can find it in the bottom of the page, together with the Gardens of Hecate Facebook, Instagram and RSS links. 

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Wow! That model is going to move so many Raffle tickets! The use of green is really striking and it absolutely evokes the work of Frazetta.  Great job!

By Linzo on 2021 06 12


By Marc on 2021 06 12

@Linzo - Thank you!
@Marc - That’s a new word to me. I think it’s not exactly what I did here, but it’s definitely worth exploring. So thank you!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 06 16

Green shades played out nicely. The reds are spectacular. Well done!

By potsiat on 2021 06 17


By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 06 18

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