Posted:  09. 10. 2020.



This trio of skyclad mad lasses is a recent commission for @totally_not_panicking, meant to expand his unconventional Sisters army. As per request, the models are the female versions of my Possessed figures (originally for MordheimMMXIX). I combined that with Venus of Willendorf as inspiration. The conversions are based on the Nurgle Bloodbowl team, and required quite a bit of work to turn them into nude women. 


The Princeling and his retinue are @totally_not_panicking's warband for Sunhold:The First Triumvirate, my event which got postponed indefinitely due to the plague/earthquake combo. We're hoping "indefinitely" means until 2021, but nobody knows what the future brings. Matt still sent me his warband, and it arrived this week. Soon it's gonna run around the ruins in my house games.

You can read about the warband and each of the characters on Matt's Instagram: WARBAND, PRINCELING, JESTER, CELEBRANT, SQUIRE.



The following... thing is not a part of the Princeling's warband, but rather a monster lurking in the abandoned city. The huge amorphous mass with a suggestion of human shape and a screaming mouth gives me the creeps. The miniature's genesis is fittingly one of a botched cloning experiment, as you can learn here: LINK





Another mini I've received recently is this Crooked Hermit from @lazaraie. He's just had his first experience in having his original miniature sculpts cast in metal, and the hermit is one of them. The themes he's going for are saints, penitents, lepers, and such - which are all up my alley. I hope he continues working towards mastering miniature sculpting and bringing interesting minis to the table. You can buy his first range in his Etsy shop.  


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The bloated ladies are horrible, I love them. ^^
The freehands on their bellies is nicely done by the way. I hope the commissioner will be happy.
The rest of the pictures are great too.

By The Golem on 2020 10 09

The female possessed look great. Heads look even creepier than males’ ones. And as I wrote on FB - the amorphous mass is very unsettling. Well done!

By potsiat on 2020 10 09

Thank you both! ^^

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 10 10

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