Posted:  09. 12. 2020.


I'm working on a small range of sculpts inspired by scary European folk costumes, traditionally appearing around Christmas, New Year's, and at winter's end. They're a source of inspiration I keep coming back to, and some of you may recall projects from the early days of Gardens that had this theme. This time, however, it's models fully sculpted from scratch. Here are the first six monsters of bell, horn, straw and bone.

Roga, Sixhorn, Bezub


Death, the Cow, the Horse


The models were sculpted with green stuff, Milliput, Magic Sculpt and mixtures thereof. For size reference, the bases are 25mm and 32mm. 



Recently I had an interesting commission: to build Baba Yaga's hut - chicken legs and all. 


The ramshackle building was built with balsa wood, card, foam and a few jewelry and model bits, while the legs were sculpted in Milliput over wire armature. Have a look below to find pics of the build before I applied the primer, to give you a sense of the mixed materials. This is a model I've been considering building for my own collection for years, but never got round to it. Well, there's still time. This particular hut is making its way to its owner, who will be completing it with a paintjob and basing. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final result!



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Fantastic sculpts! Will they be available to purchase as metal minis? The Baba Yaga hut is cool too!

By Wonky Dog on 2020 12 09

Thank you! Yes, they were commissioned by a fella who intends to make them available as metal minis. Next year, most likely. smile

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 12 09

I am a big fan of your incorporation of folklore into your work, and am particularly excited to see something that fits with the Christmas season/ winter. It is also exciting to see you continually flexing your sculpting muscles. I am particularly fond of the one with the gigantic antlers, as if they are trying to make up for their spindly and vestigial arms. I will eagerly buy these when casts become available.
Baba Yaga’s house fits along nicely with them in tone. Very nice and fiddly work assembling all those little boards to make a house.

By Gregory Wier on 2020 12 17

Thank you very much Greg!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2020 12 24

Love the hut!

By potsiat on 2021 01 12

Thank you!

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2021 01 14

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