Nekroplanet Grob resin figures I designed and sculpted are available from Ramshackle Games (UK).



In 2021 I teamed up with Dave Taylor Miniatures publishing company, and became the author of Vol.3 of their THE ART OF... book series. THE ART OF... books are "an ongoing series of publications that presents the glorious miniatures artwork of artists from around the globe in full-color, quality photos, supported by descriptions from the arists themselves. " The first three volumes were successfully funded in a Kickstarter in May 2021, and are now available in retail.  

You can get a physical copy from Warlord Games (UK/EU) and Ironheart Artisans (USA), and the digital PDF version from Ironheart Artisans



I love my miniatures so much that I wanted to wear them. If you're weird like that, too, it's your lucky day! Visit my merch shop and put on a Grobnik Annihilator, the Wraith, or the Gardens of Hecate logo. Or don't... I can't tell you what to do.


I couldn’t have had any of this this without three wonderful artists: