Grobnik Trooper, Death Ray, Dragoon, Bulwark, and Assassin - designed amd sculpted for the line of Sci-Fi androids released through Mammoth Miniatures.

Death Knight and Corpulent Horrors - a set of grim warriors commissioned by @totally_not_panicking. They were cast in metal and are available as Smash Bash 2022 hobby competition merch HERE. Smash Bash is a "mini competition that celebrates the creative, gruesome, pathetic, and evocative side of our hobby."

Madman and Gaoler - designed and sculpted for Rotten Factory and first released through a Kickstarter in 2022. 

Plaque - a wall decoration designed and sculpted for Fogou Models and first released through a Kickstarter in 2022.

Baron Henneburg and Ancestor - figures sculpted for Wave 2 miniatures set of Tales From Apocrypha project by Shane Brockway. To be released on Kickstarter in 2023.

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