Little is known about Inquisitor Morbray, but there are rumours abound. She speaks little, in an electronic, robotic voice; and never reveals her face. The latter inspired a variety of stories to explain what's hiding behind that veil. Some say she was a noblewoman, and her face was horribly scarred with a knife. Others will insist that she was burnt in a fire as a child, or that she was born disfigured: without a nose or ears, and her parents put her in a monastery to hide her away... But all agree that her sinister act makes their skin crawl. It is quite likely many of the rumours actually came from Rosanda herself. 

The models in this Inq28 warband are all loosely or closely based on characters from John Blanche's WH40k concept sketches and paintings. Starting from Games Workshop kits and parts, most are heavily converted with putty to resemble the artwork they are based on.

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