Turnip28 is a tabletop miniatures game and setting developed by British artist Max FitzGerald. The world of Turnip28 is a combination of postapocalyptic with napoleonics and root vegetables, and it's "about turnips". You can learn more about it here: TURNIP28.

The Fodder miniatures below are from their official miniature line, with a few small conversions here and there. They represent my personal regiment, the 13th Royal Horseradish. Formerly a cavalry regiment, they brought shame to their name by eating their own mounts to save themselves from starvation. Now they must walk through cold mud, haunted on every step by the spectre of their disgrace. The Ghost, the Horseradish Spirit, the Spectral Root is a manifestation of the regiment's shame, which haunts the soldiers and follows wherever they go. The 13th Royal Horseradish are yet to be expanded to a full, playable Turnip28 force.

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