Posted:  04. 04. 2023.


The campaign for the Folk Horrors 2 miniature set launched this morning! It is again a collaboration with Andrew May of Meridian Miniatures, who is running the KS for me. The project aims to cast another set of metal miniatures inspired by creatures and costumes of European folklore, traditionally appearing around Christmas, New Year's and at winter's end. You can find the campaign here for the next seven days: KICKSTARTER.

[Edit:] The campaign is now finished, but a late pledge/preorder is open HERE.

If you missed the original from last year, no worries - it's available during this campaign as an add-on.

You can also get  my very first set of metal miniatures from 2019, originally released by Harwood Hobbies. They were acquired by Meridian Miniatures, and they're back in print!

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Love that you’re giving us the chance to get the miscellaneous monsters too! Can’t wait for the sculpts to arrive smile

By Iain on 2023 04 04

I’m happy they’re back. I got a lot of queries about them over the years.

By Ana Polanšćak    on 2023 04 04

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