Posted:  19. 05. 2023.


I love my miniatures so much that I wanted to wear them. If you're weird like that, too, it's your lucky day! Visit my merch shop and put on a Grobnik Annihilator, the Wraith, or the Gardens of Hecate logo. Or don't... I can't tell you what to do.


I couldn’t have had any of this this without three wonderful artists. Read about them below and give them some love. Each of them is a part of the tabletop games community in their own way.

This logo has been with me since I made the decision to go pro in 2019. The design was done by the amazing Alexei Vella. Alexei is a Canadian illustrator, graphic designer, and occultist, who also designs TTRPG games. You can pay him a visit through here: ALEXEI’s LINKS.

The Wraith is one of my favourite creatures I’ve created. It goes back ten years, to when I had just started blogging with my Countess warband project. The initial iteration of the Wraith was a conversion, but when I started sculpting my own figures it was one of the first sculpts I created. It became part of the first set of my figures commercially released, in 2019 by Harwood Hobbies. Nowadays you can get it from Meridian Miniatures. Earlier this year I sculpted an oversized and undersized versions of the Wraith for resin casting practice. I expect there will be many more variants to come!

The shirt design of the Wraith was drawn by sgorbio, an Italian artist and graphic designer, who makes fantastic paper miniatures as Old Skull Minis. The designs are clean and modern, but have that delicious oldschool flavour. Visit sgorbio and Old Skull Minis on Instagram, and purchase their paper miniatures HERE.

Grobnik Annihilator is a type of deadly robot from my Nekroplanet Grob world. It also has several versions, since I keep revisiting it because I’m so fond of it. I have three toy-bashed Annihilators (I, II, III) and a fully sculpted version is coming soon in resin from Mammoth Miniatures. The artwork is based on the latter, and was created by French artist Pierre Mortel. Pierre is most known for his strange and amusing web comics (including an official Warhammer comic for GW), and you can find his stuff here: PIERRE’S LINKS.

Thanks for reading. Love you all!

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